The latest weather and ground conditions for Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon).

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Ground Conditions

Reported on Friday, December 01, 2023

Time: At the summit around 1100
Snow above: 750m
Route taken: Llanberis path, PyG path
Next report: Tuesday 5-12-2023

Snow and ice

A thin layer of snow starting at around 750m, with significant ice across the paths in a number of places.

It is likely to remain very icy, with the possibility of more snow (see Additional Information below).

On the day of the report the biggest issue was areas of ice across the paths. These areas were present at all heights on the mountain, causing the most significant difficulty on the PyG/Miners' path in a number of places between about 750m and 1000m, the Llanberis path around the old stables about 980m, as well as a number of places around Allt Moses on the Llanberis path, between Pen y Pass and Bwlch y Moch on the PyG path and a number of other places.

There was also slippery compacted snow on the path below Bwlch Glas and between Bwlch Glas and the summit on the Llanberis, Cwellyn, Mwynwyr and PyG paths.

A cold but sunny day, with light winds.

Essential equipment
Seasonally appropriate walking clothing, including lights.

Carrying snow goggles (such as ski goggles) will protect the eyes from cold winds and drifting snow, making it easier to see in order to travel more safely on the mountain.

Carrying an ice axe and some form of crampons will give you options to stay safe on the mountain where snow or ice are present.

Additional information
On the day of Friday's report the forecast suggests that temperatures on the summit will remain below freezing throughout the period until the next report on Tuesday, with temperatures as low as -6˚C (feeling as low as with -13˚C in the wind) currently forecast at the summit. It is likely to be very cold and icy at all heights across the mountain, and it is also possible that more snow will develop. With showers of snow and wind predicted, and with snow lying on the mountain periods of very poor visibility are possible, making it difficult or impossible to see the paths as snow falls or is carried by the wind. On the day of the report these periods of very poor visibility look most likely on Saturday and Monday afternoon.

Yr Wyddfa summit
Yr Wyddfa summit
Ice below Bwlch Glas on the Miners' / PyG
Ice below Bwlch Glas on the Miners' / PyG
Ice on Allt Moses Llanberis path
Ice on Allt Moses Llanberis path
Ice below Bwlch y Moch PyG path
Ice below Bwlch y Moch PyG path
Ice by the old stables, Llanberis path
Ice by the old stables, Llanberis path
Slippery compressed snow below the summit
Slippery compressed snow below the summit


2  Hazards
Tomorrow, Sun
Severe Chill Effect
Poor Visibility

Warden's Notice

Posted on Tuesday, November 07, 2023

ENPA Logo No Updates from the Park's warden at this time. Check back soon. ENPA Logo ENPA Logo


-3 °C



Today, Sat
Sunrise: 08:09 then 7 hours of daylight

Summit Cafe

For the winter


02/12, 20:54

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